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Date: 2008-10-08 09:31
Subject: Music
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Skip. Skip. Skip. Skip.

The music on my work computer is doing my head in. There's only so many times you can listen to stuff before it starts getting on your tits, so I'm turning to you gentle reader to help me out. Tell me what you're listening to, recommend me something new, or something you love, and in return I will take the time to listen to it.

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Date: 2008-04-30 19:17
Subject: Pimp
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Two or three years or so ago I was lucky enough to be allowed to read the drafts of pax_draconis's first novel, The Pearls That Were His Eyes. I was rather lax at offering any criticism. I found the last draft I got a couple of months ago whilst idly poking around my mailbox and read through it again, enjoying it thoroughly, and smiling as Barrochio, Gratiano, Valentin, Aurelia Ophelia and all the rest conjured images of faces once seen in Rome.

Today a brown parcel sat waiting for me as I got through the door, and within it was a copy of The Pearls That Were His Eyes in all its papery glory. Vanity of course compelled me to immediately flick through to the afterword, which put a broad smile on my face. I am currently resisting the temptation to dive straight in and see what has changed since last I saw it, I have Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of The Wind to finish first, (I've picked up a number of rather fine fantasy novels of late, a genre that I had become thoroughly jaded with) so it gets to sit to one side for now and I shall try and exercise some patience, a virtue that I do not posses in any great measure. I shall see how that goes.

It's good to see it in physical form after Ian's tribulations with the publishing industry. Happily he has set his baby loose on the world through Lulu, so now everyone can enjoy it. If you haven't done so yet I do recommend that you go and check it out and hand over the cash if it takes your fancy, it deserves as wide an audience as possible.
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Date: 2000-01-01 00:01
Subject: Welcome
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Welcome to my LJ. This journal is currently friends only, which makes it sound far more interesting than it probably is. If you want me to add you leave a comment and I'll try and remember to check this entry from time to time.
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